Performance Enhancement of a Hybrid Renewable Energy System Accompanied with Energy Storage Unit Using Effective Control System

(1) * Mahmoud A. Mossa Mail (Electrical Engineering Department-Faculty of Engineering-Minia University-Minia 61111, Egypt, Egypt)
(2) Olfa Gam Mail (Université Québéc en Abitibi Témiscamingue, Canada)
(3) Nicola Bianchi Mail (University of Padova, Italy)
*corresponding author


The current study aims to present a detailed analysis of a hybrid renewable energy system used for standalone operation. The hybrid system consists of a wind-driven synchronous generator, a photovoltaic solar system, and a battery storage system. The modeling of each system component is presented and described in detail. To achieve optimal energy exploitation, the maximum power point tracking algorithm is adopted. The management of synchronous generator operation is achieved through controlling the machine-side converter using a newly formulated predictive control scheme. To visualize the advantages of the proposed control algorithm, its performance is compared with the other two traditional predictive control approaches, mainly the model predictive direct power control and model predictive direct torque control systems. An effective control scheme is also adopted to manage the power storage in the battery using a bi-directional DC/DC converter. To maintain a balanced power flow between the system units, an energy management strategy is presented. Extensive tests are carried out to evaluate the performance of the hybrid system considering variable wind speed, variable sun irradiation, and variable load profiles. The obtained results for the synchronous generator performance visualize the validity and superiority of the proposed control scheme over the other two classic controllers. The results are also validating the effectiveness of the battery storage control system and confirming the validity of the constructed energy management strategy in achieving the energy balance between the system units.


Hybrid System; Predictive Control; Battery Storage; Wind Generation; PV System



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